To the brokenhearted women,
please heed these words I say.
The pain you think eternal,
will come to rest one day.

Your destiny has whispered,
he wasn’t the one for you.
True love would never allow
the pain he’s put you through.

A soulmate will always protect you,
he won’t hurt you in any way.
The bond that forms between you
should grow stronger every day.

Don’t shed your tears in silence,
there was nothing you could do.
God gave you the strength of a woman,
and your faith to carry you through.

Time is short and precious,
so make each moment last.
Live for today and tomorrow,
don’t dwell upon the past.

The one that left you broken
will come to rue the day,
and the pain you thought eternal,
will slowly fade away.


4 Responses

  1. Thats the main reason our sufism practices stress upon ‘heart cleansing’ not ‘brain cleansing.’ U have the brain, but dont have the heart, u’re demented demon-invented beast.

    What’s the difference between ‘brainless people’ and ‘heartless people’?

  2. “U have the brain but dont have the heart, u’re demented demon-invented beast.” u referring to me PokDeng?

  3. Maybe ì should put ‘if’ or ‘as if’ before the line. Sorry for my bad Enguhlizsh. I just got screwed-up with Bee-Em’s structure.

  4. Oh ok …. your English bad?! Says who? Aunty can salute to most of your articles son 🙂

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