Ramadhan Spread

The virtues of family as taught in the Holy Quran and Hadith is all about unconditional love. Being loved gives every member confidence and self-esteem which makes the family a stronger unit. Children need food to grow. They also need love to blossom. Children need to know that they are loved in the family.

Children learn by watching and observing their parents. They see, hear, feel for their parents. So never underestimate them! Warm gestures from parents will remain in children’s heart all their life.

The beauty of Ramadhan – families spend more time together. They break fast together. Have supper together. Perform Terawih together. Go shopping together. Its never too late to start a strong and close-bond family. One needs to work towards it, coz it doesnt happen by chance. A family’s bond grows stronger with the acceptance of one another, respect of indifferences, open and accurate communication, no lies, assertive expression of trust, emotions, love, freedom and space to grow plus the will to make it work.

P/S Below are some of the tips I used as ingredients to bring my family together hehehehe ……. memang tak boleh resist kan? To all wives, tak kira la working or otherwise, kata orang tua-tua, nak ikat suami, melalui perut mereka! Hehehe whilst anak-anak pun will always crave for ‘air tangan’ ibu 🙂

Dont over eat kids ….. nanti missed terawih lak hehehe …..


2 Responses

  1. those photos are driving me crazy!! bazaar ramadhan sure sells cheap n authentic food 😀

  2. Hehehe yup Sufya its all soooo yummy yummy ….. bbuuurrrppp oopps alhamdulilah excuse me 🙂

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