Ramadhan and Alam Barzakh

I still remember when I was small, TokWan (late grandmother) would hold a ‘tahlil & sambut puasa khenduri’ just a few days prior to 1st Ramadhan. The excitement to fast was felt by everyone. We performed our prayers berjemaah and Tokki (late grandfather) was Imam.

Next morning, we would visit the cemetery (pusara) to do some ‘gotong royong’ and also recite tahlil again at the graves of our loved ones. And in the nights, especially after terawih or so, my aunts and I would ber-Taddarrus. It was so wonderfully exciting. Now, TokWan and TokKi have left us (Al Fatihah) ……. but the tradition lives on based on the strong faith instilled in us towards the beauty of Islam itself ……

Here are some images I managed to capture during our gotong-royong at arwah TokKi and TokWan’s pusara with the presence of more than 20 charming kids from the Orphanage :-

Mossavi pouring the holy Yassin water over TokWan’s grave ……. “Moga Allah tempatkan TokWan bersama golongan orang2 yang beriman … Amin”

Barzakh literally means a curtain. Death is a curtain between this world and the intermediate world. We cannot see the people who have crossed over to the other side and we have almost no communication with them. While their state depends on their actions in this world. People who have lived their lives in obedience to Allah (SWT) have peace in Barzakh. They can see us from time to time but they cannot establish communication with us unless Allah (SWT) so wills. While people who have lived a life of rebellion and sin and Who did not care for the law/guidance of Allah (SWT) are in a miserable state in Barzakh. The pain in this world is nothing compared to the pain they are suffering.

TokWan said “During Ramadhan, all Syaitan are chained and locked. So the spirits of our loveds ones are free to wander (with Allah’s will of course). It is the best time of the year for prayers and doa’s. If we pursue doing evil things, then it is our lust or nafsu who is the syaitan.”

The chaining up of the devils is something that happens in a real sense, about which Allaah knows best. This does not mean that evil things do not happen or that people do not commit sin. When people commit sin and do evil, that is a result of the Nafs (your own desire). Your won desire is worse than the influence of the shaitaan. In Ramadaan you will find out what your weakness is, and a time to get rid of the sinning… Although one shouldn’t wait for Ramadhan to stop sinning.

And Allaah knows best……


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