Plaza Hotel – 23 August 2008

A hi-tea gathering organized by a dedicated team of committee with members from MySpace and TAGGEd was succesfully held at Plaza Hotel, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur with a turnout of about 40 members or so (am I correct committee members?).

It’s theme “Majlis Santai Bersama Members MySpace & TAGGED” did live up to its expectations. I offered to host the event (as requested by the committee) alongside with the new and upcoming artiste Ayani, and we did our best to ensure everyone had fun and thank god – noone regretted (phew! Ingat senang ke nak make sure EACH INDIVIDUAL tak feel left out!! silap haribulan buat joke gelak sendiri hahahaha)

Am sure all you guys have browsed the picts emailed by Fire from, but anyway these are just some of them.  By the way, those of you who is browsing my blog for the very first time, sila lah meng-registerkan diri in my Guest Book hehehe and kalau nak komen apa-apa, sudi-sudikan lah! Kak Zie and the gang …. apa lagi, “lets get down to it mama”!! Phewwiitttt hehehehe ….. sorry la tak dapat join your clubbing session malam tu, my son came down from Bangkok, kena lah jaga hati anakanda. Hope you ladies had great fun ….. mauuaaahhhh!!!

Hello Ayani, orang lain semua ko bagi CD ko ek?  Akak yang terhenggut-henggut sama atas pentas, hang tak bagi pun CD 😦 uuuhuuuhuuuu sob sob sniff sniff …. tak aci.

A’A ; Garfield ; Mas ; Snake ; Aiine and the rest of the committee members – THUMBS UP!! You people did a great job, keep it up!!








2 Responses

  1. sis…to b exact, we have 50 pax

  2. Really? Wow what a turnout!! I wont be surprised if our Ramadhan Bash receives good respond nanti 🙂 Good job Aiine – hugz!

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