Married? Why Still Looking?

Specially dedicated to married men who are still looking (bukan pula dgn niat berpoligamy), simply engaging into unhealthy flirtatious affairs (apa nih?!) …..

Marital bliss is not something that just magically happens after you say, “I do.” It’s a relationship where both parties need to communicate about what’s going on in your life. If you’re feeling that your wife is not paying enough attention to you, take an honest look at why you feel this way. You said that you consider your wife to be your best friend. If this is true you should be able to talk to her about how you’re feeling about your marriage relationship. As for your possible interest with other women, you need to realize that you do have control over your feelings. What is going on could probably be nothing more than an idealistic infatuation. Realize this and find ways to keep some distance from other women who are lonely and genuinely looking for their soulmate. Sometimes your heart just feels a little lonely and then grabs onto anything that makes it feel better. The challenge in a marriage is to make sure you recognize what’s going on and channel that energy and excitement back into your marriage. If romance and excitement are missing, find some ways to bring them back. Go on a weekend getaway or do something spontaneous. You have to be actively looking for new ways to bring motivation and excitement into a relationship. You can’t expect it to always just be there.

However, in the end if you feel like you’ve tried all these things and you would be better off apart, then you need to handle that first, before engaging in any other love interest with other women.

Wallahualam …..


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