Its best to call off a relationship than to be in it just for the sake of not hurting each other. I hope everyone can understand my fears. Its a scary thought to have someone so close and to wake up alone again just hoping that some day that void would be filled. Its not going to be easy. But I know I have to be strong and have faith that I did the right thing. If I continued and still felt the same, it could tempt me to infidelity and that would be even worse to deal with. A few rough days ahead but once I get through it, hopefully I’ll feel much lighter in my heart. I wish myself well.


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  1. hey,
    a part of relationship/marriage is based on emphathy for ur other half..
    putting more efforts just make things work between couples would of course lead to a better situation in relationship/marriage..
    “Its best to call off a relationship than to be in it just for the sake of not hurting each other” is just so mean unless if both parties are willing make the same decision that is: separation.
    but if only one party decided to let go off everything they had shared together, that is very cruel..
    imagine one day u lying sick on the bed, wishing your spouse to take care of you..stay truly loyal to you. while at the same time, they actually grow tired of looking after you and might probably “stay” just for the sake not to hurt this moment, do u want them to go? or hoping them to have a lil empathy for you?
    think about it man!

  2. Mualaikumsalam Mas 🙂
    My blog generally represent my own personal experiences, feelings and inner thoughts. Comments against articles posted in here are subject to each individual’s frame of mind, and I respect them all including yours. Allah states – to every problem, there is a solution especially if you have already tie the knot with your loved one. In my case, its different. My friend walked out on a relationship yang belum ada ikatan resmi and evidences of ketidak-jujuran dia terbukti dalam hitam putih, bukan sekali dua, tetapi lebih dari itu walaupun sudah beberapa kali kemaafan diberi. That is why before a partner/spouse indulges him/herself into unhealthy and non-beneficial agendas which obviously will result in numerous and continuous negative consequences, jika tidak ditegur dan dibendung, then the innocent other half suffers in silence forever. Untuk itu, Islam selalu menyarankan kita supaya “berilmu” dlm apa jua kegiatan harian kita samada yg berbentuk ilmiah atau tidak. Jika kita pilih untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian, alhamdulilah. On the other hand, if we chose to remain silent and biarkan saudara lain berada di dalam kemungkaran, all I can do is escalate my doa to HIM supaya segala bentuk kemungkaran dijauhkan, dan digantikan dgn cahaya nur keberkatan. Wallahualam.
    We all have a choice in life, and at this moment, he will have to think what is best for him and his family. Wallahualam. Have a great day Mas 🙂 cheers

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