She remembered what it was like growing up and telling herself that she was in love,  but upon pondering back, wasnt really sure if it was lust, but the thing is how do we know if we really love that person or if it was lust? When she found out he had been cheating on her on numerous occasions, she was devastated, she could hardly get out of bed let alone tell anyone how she was feeling, but the thing is she is grateful to this day that she didnt make the mistake of clinging on to his false hopes continously even after he has made his apologies, cause it would have hurt worst then. She’s had her share of a bad marriage before, so how does she realize what feeling it really was she had with him whom she has been with for a little over a year now? She only knows she loved him alot but he had different views and perspectives of “love” which obviously was only about lust.  No commitments. No sacrifice. Nothing of that nature. She guessed it all comes down to this – if it really was love would he possess the desire of wanting to be with some other women he flirted with on the internet, other than her despite expressing his “love” for her daily via sms and calls?

Wallahualam …..


2 Responses

  1. The wife may not know but maybe his children does, kan aunty? 🙂

  2. Anything for my sweet charming lady ….. Hugz! My love to your mom 🙂

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