Viewpoints regarding affairs are pretty well documented throughout the website. If you are going to get involved with a man who is married, who is still happily living with his wife and family, you are in for one bumpy ride. The character of a married man who is willing to seek outside pleasure to get over his inability to communicate, or make a commitment one way or another is a person one should not touch with a ten foot pole. Everything he does you have to question, because you know he is capable of doing the most dishonest thing a married person can do. Yes, his wife may be the worst wife on the planet, but if that were true, what does it say about him that he won’t leave her? As the “other woman”, it’s easier to be sympathetic because you’re only getting half of the man, the good side. You don’t have to put up with money issues, child raising, household chores, the day-to-day grind or long-term planning. Without all of those issues, of course he’s going to seem great. But, if you really look at what you’re getting, you’ll realize you didn’t get the prize at all. What you’re getting is a person who is willing to lie, cheat and avoid handling any real problems. You don’t even know if the problems with his marriage stem from him or from his wife. You just have to take his word for it. Since his actions aren’t following his words, I think you might have a clue as to how honest or dishonest he’s been with you. So, the real issue isn’t whether he’s going to leave his wife, but rather do you really want him IF he ever does?

Wallahualam …..


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