Dave decided to dine at one of his favourite restaurants and was craving to feast on a tasty and crispy roast chicken available on the menu.  He ordered one.

It didnt take long for his dish to be served and soon as he made his first bite, the waiter approached and said “Excuse me Sir, I am so sorry, but the roast chicken was meant for the other guy” (pointing towards a chunky big sized man seated two tables away from Dave).  And since it is already late, this is our last roast chicken for the day. I am afraid you will have to select for another other than chicken from our menu Sir.”

“Oh really? But I have already fed on it, and I am paying, so go tell the other guy to order another” said Dave.

Big Guy heard Dave and walked across over to him growling mad “Look here boy, that is MY chicken!! Dont even think of making another bite coz I will do to you exactly what you did to MY chicken!!  If you break it’s leg, I’ll break yours!!  If you cut it’s breast, I’ll cut yours too!!  Whatever you do to MY chicken I’ll do the same to you ….. do you read me??!!”

Dave thought for a while …… and decided ……. to lick the roast chicken’s ass instead …… miaahaahahaaa


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