Important Things In Life

I’m sure you have experienced a wake up call at some point in your life. Events such as a divorce, a rebellious run-away teenage child or a near-death experience tend to hit us like a tonne of bricks and definitely not easily forgotten. Personally, what I find interesting is that implicit in the idea of a wake-up call, that, we have been asleep, so to speak. But what is it that we have been asleep to?

When I think of wake-up calls, the word that comes to mind is – PRIORITIES.

Wake-up calls tend to make us come to a halt, pull back from the runway of life, and consider exactly what it is that is so important. Very often we realized that we have had our priorities upside down. Perhaps we have been spending too much time at the office? Or too little time with our loved one (family or that special someone)? Neglecting our health? Not keeping our promises?

What could potentially give us cause for regrets? Would it be all the money we didnt make? The places we havent visited? The opposite genders we haven’t flirted with? Ignoring someone who loved us dearly?

As we grow older (as to how I would relate to friends who are parents to grown up kids), we should already naturally acquire experience and knowledge of what is important in life. A great way for me to acquire the wisdom that comes with age is to seek out an older person, ie a grandparent, granduncle/aunty, or anyone much superior, and have a meaningful conversation with them. I would ask them about their life, what they have learned, and what they would do differently. I wouldnt be surprised if I may find out that when they were younger, they too experienced many of the thoughts and feelings I am experiencing right now.

Usually the problem is not that we dont know what is important in life, its just that sometimes it slips off our mind as we get caught up in our everyday tasks. For those who have a life partner or soulmate, its a shared task, but for an ignored soul like me? The only comforting solution is – MEDITATION. Meditation (khusyuq ketika solat & beramal soleh) is the greatest way to relax my mind, body and soul. I gained a better understanding of who I am, why things happen and what to value in life.
My personal notes :-

  • To have a home filled with peace, harmony, warmth & affection, I must be reasonable, peace-loving, warm & affectionate myself.
  • To have god health, I must live by healthy habits & refrain from unhealthy ones esp. over-eating, etc.
  • To have a good, trustworthy partner/spouse, I must select him with prudence and judgement. He must be good at heart, and a person of character.
  • To know and be true to myself, I must give priority to spiritual matters (islam as way of life)
  • To achieve financial independence, I must learn thrift & economy. Learn to lower wants/demands, and be content with little.

If anyone hurt, betrays or breaks my heart, forgive him/her. They helped me learn about trust, and the importance of being cautious to whom I open my heart.

I’m trying my best not to focus on ill treatment(s) by other(s) who envied me. I’m trying my best not to focus being ignored by my loved one as he gets busy with other priorities (I’d be lying if I dont feel jealous). Instead, I chose to focus that I am doing my best managing life as it approaches. I chose to imaginarily focus that my loved one would call and fantasize the warmth of his voice assuring me that he’s there for me if I needed anything (even if in reality he isnt).

People say – ITS ALL IN THE MIND – so, even if he isnt there for me, I’ll just “make-believe” he’s there for me anyway …. bunyi macam pathetic kan? But life goes on ….. with or without his concern. Sigh.


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  1. You are right.

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