Thursday – 10 July 2008

Homefront – Could not keep the “nightmare” all to myself. Confronted my sister, my brother and Qayyum. My disturbed mind still stirring frustrations, whilst my actions run into unyielding obstacles. Family was supportive. Made it easier to handle the contradictions. The authorities were damn slow to react. Pissed me off (oooppss ….. mind my language!) I did away with self-limiting assumptions about my life. Even if the restrictions which I ran into, somehow appeared macam circumstantial je. Pukau, Black Magic,…….. we read abt it, we heard abt it, we talked abt it,…… but we never thought it would happen to us. The nightmare – an unforgettable one – it’s likely that my carelessness too, have contributed to the complicated situation that’s causing my frustration. Paradoxically, the inner truth will reveal the outer solution. I JUST WANT TO GO ON LIVING MY NORMAL LIFE ……….


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