Wednesday – 9 July 2008

Defined objectives which I was visualizing, somehow helped me view things appropriately.  Life is like a big scale kan?  Like others, I too would like to seek the harmony of a well-balanced relationship, both personal and professional.  But sometimes unexpected factors surfaced when we least expect, and sometimes I am placed in the middle of a tug of war.  In my attempts trying to ensure that I dont over-commit nor over-indulge, the best I can do is to always remember and be wise in my analysis thinking ….. that too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing. So …… Dib, sometimes kena jadi “evil” gak macam diorang tu hehehehe …..
The pressure’s building up at work.  Hadoi …. coz my personal commitments are also occupying a significant amount of my time. Even if I have been methodical in my approaches, I think it will still be  uncomfortable to set boundaries that could jeopardize my career advancement. Will be as open as I can and keep my superiors and co-workers appropriately informed about ongoings and updates, etc..
“Bila naluri saya berburuk sangka, mereka kata I’m being paranoid about issues. But when I have clean intentions and amalkan bersangka baik to people ….. they take advantage and ambil kesempatan ke atas saya se maksimum nya!”.

Towards a question I raised to my girlfriend and in her attempt trying to make me gain my usual confident self, she said “Mossavi, if a man tells you repeatedly that you are better off without him, although you loved him so dearly, back off quietly, with honour and respect. An intellectual like you will be missed by anyone. Airmata penyesalan kerana ALLAH, menjanjikan aliran sungai di Jannah nanti insha’allah”.

……….. closed my eyes to refrain the tears from falling ……… my friends missed my cute and sexy laughters, she said again..


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