Monday – 7 July 2008

Offlate, I felt less sure of myself as my enthusiasm begins to wane. If I go overboard, I might be somewhat shy or even maybe feel embarassed ever since the tragic event which formed an irritating and annoying substance in my twirling head. Slowly, my ever analytical self came back to it’s senses, helping me to recover and identify what’s really happening. I seemed to be macam just awake from a horrifying nightmare. “A Black-out”. Unconscious, yet conscious. Sedar, tapi tak sedar. Pukau? Puaka? Aaah, apa apa lah.

I felt like I was losing the self-confidence battle as I recall all those times in my life when my actions fell short of someone’s expectations. But instead of obsessing over past failures or disappointments, I’d rather think about how I can focus my energy now and overcome an obstacle instead of just giving up. I realized I was having trouble changing my attitude about this nightmare (still trembling, still recovering, kuuuusss semangat). I should not be afraid to ask friends and family for the help. Everybody makes mistakes. Me…… no exception to the rule.


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