Sunday – 6 July 2008

A variety of current ongoings are making it tricky and confusing for me to find my way today. Still packing. Continously packing. Just too many stuff around the house This to keep. That to throw, This to mantain. That to discard. Phew! Had to lodge an official report. Let my mistake be a great lesson to others. Konon konon macam hero la gitu! Tak tau macam nak pecah kepala ni. Now that I am a bit more stable, but sometimes my emotions may conflict with my logic. I know, trying to resolve the tension, will not bring me happiness. I need to respect both my heart and head, even when they tug in different directions. There’s no need to dwell on my uncertainty unless I think I must have a preference kan, kan.. Maybe I’ll be better off deciding in a few days when the consequences of my actions become clearer. And the detectives revert with more promosing results of their investigations.

** Stupid, silly, careless me ……. uuhhuuuuuhhuuuuuu


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