Wednesday – 2 July 2008

Tensed ….. worried …. stressed …. I guess are my second, third and fourth name(s) ….. I always try to caution and remind myself of the deep power contained in my feelings.

Sigh. Think my insecurities look safe as long as I keep them hidden.  One wrapped up agenda marks the completion of one emotional cycle as the next one begins…. fortunately, my high spirits feed my senses well, bringing pleasure in its own way ….. hope I know when to stop.


New agendas developed among friends and peers.  My days ahead should be more socially active than usual I assume. I am quite eager to participate.  Either that, or lose myself in a cause. The sense of belonging will definitely help me feel more emotionally secure. I won’t worry so much about being efficient then; I’ll just give myself permission to have fun!


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