Monday – 30 June 2008

Personal front – Gosh ….. the paradoxes of life seemed closer today as I simultaneously tightened. Also felt some seriousness. However, “cleverly fitted” myself from one fascinating conversation to the next, without investing in any. Some assertiveness, supported by a harmonious trine, urged me to dig beneath the surface noise allowing me to experience more intense passions that werent always so accessible ….. (still walking around with a puzzled look on my face!)

At work – I was inclined to limit my distractions. Then able to fully concentrate on what was happening. But it got a lil bit more complexed as my curiosity tweaked. Hard to ignore the information that’s swirling around me though because some of it could be very significant. On the other hand, more data probably won’t change my mind either. I think I already know what to do, so ….. am gonna do it right away!

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