Can MRI Ease Depression?

A funny thing happened when researches at McLean Hospital in Masachusettes were studying the brain chemistry of bipolar people, using MRI machine with a unique electromagnetic pulse sequence: The patients’ moods lifted, lasting for hours, or even days. Sceptical, the doctors put another 30 bipolar adults through the MRI, and 77 per cent had a significant mood boost. They’re not sure why it works, but there is a possible link : “Nerves in the brain fire electrical pulses, so its certainly believable that exposing them to a particular electromagnetic field could change the way they fire.” says study author Bruce Cohen, a psychiatrist. That, in turn, could lift depression.


3 Responses

  1. Very interesting. I really hope they follow up on that research :o)

    BTW, Glad you had a day off and to yourself. It’s important to recharge every so often. If you don’t take care of you, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

  2. Noted sis! U take care too, u hear me! Hugz ….

  3. An electron in motion is continously emitting and absorbing photons depending om the electromagnetic field strength and conductivity of the electron under scutinity.The primodial source energywhich is inherently connected to infinite energy can not get fully powerful to charge the electron due the clouded and dusty conditions of impure transmission of thoughts is taking place – Esoteric Teachings of the East.The full primidial strength of original electron when does not replenished it shows as entropy of the body. Meanwhile the drug industry is flourishing. Your research proves the statements.

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