Wednesday – 25 June 2008

Work – Although I may have a solid grip on my ideal future, knowing how to get there is a different story. Being sure of what I want is not the same as having a workable action plan. But today was not a good day. Got caught up in too many details. I left the minutiae for another day. However, kept an open line to my heart’s desire and will wait a few days before figuring out a more sensible strategy. My modest yet enthusiastic self was noticed
in today’s meeting. Will continue wearing the low-profile hat.
Personal – compassionate inclination grew tensed. Its like the ‘stupid cupid’ against my ‘intellectual intelligence’ described by peers. Although I tried my best to respond to this morning’s comment positively, but the conflict within me was so deeply felt, forcing me to balance up between what attracts me and what turns me off, and what I know is best for
all involved …. masalahnya the feelings making me so uncomfortable …. and its
continously provoking me to make a choice ….. sigh (thanks Allah for protecting my inner strength)


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