Tuesday – 24 June 2008

Guess what? Today I felt kind of sensitive to feelings that swirled around me like water. Then I started ‘hallucinating’ that everyone seems to be swimming in the same ocean where I was swirling, sharing the sea that flowed through each one of us. Hehehe what a vision of oneness!! However I do caution myself periodically that bounderies are necessary for survival.  Everyone seems confused by what to do next and the chaos around me drove me nuts. I prefer the precision of certainty and it bothered me when someone cannot translate his or her intentions into words. Relax Dib, ease up; though I trust my instincts, but if I start judging others, I may end up judging myself too. Let them choose who and what they wanna be.  Jgn sebok hal orang, tak baik macam tu …… gonna stay as cool as a cucumber …



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