Tuesday – 17 June 2008

At work -My ridiculous mood swings today, transported me from being focused on the damniest and tiniest details of the day, right up to great universal concepts that seem incongruent to the pragmatic workings of my life. Felt great! Unfortunately, I did find it a lil sad and a lil difficult to be comfortable in either extreme. Tapi ….. as I continued to move back and forth between practice and theory, between the specific and the general, between the truth and the unjust, I learn important things about myself. I was also exposed to more facts about others close to me, all of which I may apply later when this so-called “ridiculous mood swing” energy settles down hehehe. 

On more personal matters – My ever inspiring spirit, my idealism, had set my visions to faraway places. My mundane thoughts flew into philosophical realms of inquiry as I am updated with astonishing facts from appropriate person(s) who is related to my loved one (supposedly loved one). Before sadness and desperation take control, I dragged myself out of the “mild nightmare” and focused on plans to expand my mind intellectually to greater heights through knowledge, education, challenges at work and travel.  With eyes closed, I could visualize dark, shadowy figures casting more mysterious desires into my love-life awareness.


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