Intimidation vs Criticism ; Hypocrisy

I read Kidpieces’s pieces in her blog and amazes me that whether its merely a coincident or otherwise, I do find that there is “something of common in values” amongst us (esp my female bloggers out there).

Mossavi’s thoughts on Hypocrites

Mossavi learnt her lesson that a “loving silence” has far more power to heal a relationship than any of her most well-intentioned words. Thus, she tells herself, if a person wishes to prolonged with his/her lies, she is not at the losing end. She may not know the exact truth, but at the same time, the other person’s credibility goes down with him/her. She remains as she is – the victim. ( ……. now read Kidpieces’s version)

Intimidation vs Criticism

Confession of an intellectual impotence. Mossavi speaks her analytical mind like nobody’s business, sincerely, boldly, truthfully, with no beatings behind the bush, tu sebab many people take advantage of her transparency.  She is hatred by hypocrites for her honest remarks/outcries. Yet everybody loves hypocrites. Mossavi’s existence – a nightmare to hypocrites. She keeps track of events ….. thats what analyzing is all about. Past mistakes, her best referrals. Recall, re-think and react appropriately. (…… now read Kidpieces’s masterpiece)


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