Monday – 16 June 2008

Today, it appeared as if I was handling matters in a professional manner, but my outgoing communication style might just be a facade. I preferred my old familiar ways instead of exploring new tactics. The only disadvantage is I could be wasting precious energy defending my old worn out ways when I could advance by trying out different approaches.  Hellooo am still sick remember!? Ni pun sore throat belum baik-baik pun lagi. Mangkok. Clients didnt recognize me over the phone. Boleh menyamar jadi spy hehe. Hmmmm …. oh well as long as others think that I’m fully involved, they’ll tend to leave me alone. Received directives to accomplish last minute assignments, bengang gak, but I managed anyway. Didnt feel so connected as per my normal self today. Maybe I’d  rather separate myself from events in the community at large. No need to create unnecessary boundaries.


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