Sunday – 15 June 2008

My analytical mind. It’s complicated. If I apply myself directly to the task at hand today, I’ll probably fail. A better option may be to work behind the scenes. It may take longer to make progress, but things will continue to pick up speed once they get rolling. Extra effort isn’t as important now as smart thinking. If I do it right, others will pitch in and share in the heavy lifting. Managing my excess energy today was quite challenging. As the day progressed, I reminded myself to stay with my feelings as I transform obstacles into opportunities.

Qayyum was particularly in a dilemma about an irresistable offer from a reputable establishment in Bangkok. I gave him the green light, but to boost his confidence further, we sought opinion from others. Apparently, Pak Teh, Mak Teh, Anyah, Pak Nen, Mak Nen, Acik, Acu and surprisingly even TokWan pun bersungguh2 beri semangat and encouraged Qayyum to accept the offer. Looking at the salary package and allowances, memang irresistable for a fresh graduate like him. Go son, you have our blessings. Itu lah rezeki namanya. Having served abroad right after graduation carries weight to your future credentials son. Go. Go with Allah in your heart.

Amirah & Aziz moved to their beautiful bungalow in Sendayan Avenue. And before Ramadhan, our turn to move to Nilai. Managed to capture some images.

Front Porch Side View

Patio Hometheatre mounted plasma screen guest lounge

Dining area Kitchen


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