Friday – 13 June 2008

Started the day with quite an easygoing spirit (actually I’m lying, was tremendously stressed). Tapi lets face the fact la kan, even the most perfect dream still need to be tested against the truth of our feelings betul tak? So, instead of analyzing everything over and over, I tried to act on an idea and see what happens. My thoughts can only take me so far and there really isn’t any way to tell how others will react to what I’m doing for now. Imagine the best possible outcome; only time will tell if my plan makes sense or not.

Home Front – Allahuakbar! Wished Allah make extra rooms in my cute but already congested little brainy head for I have too much to browse and digest lately! Something happened this evening. Dari ofis pun I was doing my best to control my tears but it just flowed and flowed. No wonder I felt uneasy the past few days. Tetapi, memang la betul, sesuatu kejadian yang pada zahirnya nampak buruk (segala pujian bagi Allah swt), ada hikmah tersembunyi! Hanya keikhlasan dan ketajaman hati je yang boleh melihat hikmah nya. Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar!

nak reka remedy for ubat penahan air mata


4 Responses

  1. hi sister…
    thanks for d father’s day post. love it and you do have that spiritual gift…i can feel it. you may not see me, hear me nor touch me, but you’ll be able to feel my presence whenever i’m around…

  2. Shukran brother

  3. so you have a cute brain? he he he.. 😛

  4. Min!!!!!! Where have u been? Aunty missed u dearly mauuuaahhh …… yeah my so-called “cute” little brain yang tak cute sangat la hehehehe …… cute perasan je miaahaahaaahaa

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