Wednesday – 11 June 2008

Hmmmm this is seemingly interesting about me recalling the day’s effort (nak berfikir lagi tuh walhal siang tadi doktor strictly advises me to relax and rest banyak2 cos she detected I was overly stressed hehehe takpe takpe saya ni Superwoman among the not-so-super hehehe) ….. the talks in my head said – It was tough to get comfortable today, but I remained focused and completed tasks. I could see many different roads that will get me to my desired destination. If, however, they all lead to the same place, is there a reason to go down one path versus another? I can become so lost in this question now and lose sight of where I am going.  I also understand that it’s more important to keep moving forward than to waste time identifying why I choose one way or another. Oh well ….. whatever lah, I just want to be on-track and my goals within reach. Alhamdulilah, my elusive emotional balance continues to motivate me despite the boredom and loneliness.


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