Tuesday – 10 June 2008

Frankly, I don’t particularly like so much noise in my environment, yet I still find myself attracted to acquiring as much data as I can today. Unfortunately, having more information isn’t as comfortable as being certain about it . As much as I attempt to let common sense reign supreme, my optimism can sorely tempt me to mislead myself and others. I’ll proceed anyway. To the best of my ability.

Entah kenapa, tiba-tiba je, while in bed on my way to slumberland, my head and heart got into a conflict. My physique …. pooooooh ….. damn tired. Just nak lie down longlai je in my warm comfortable bed. Anyway, optimism, hardwork, healing wounds, somehow tiba-tiba je those elements dok poundering loud macam encouraging me to seek true love at any cost (tu la kan, its great to have a muhrim companion whom we can relate and roll out our day’s effort or grievances, exchange pandangan, bincang hal anak-anak, pandang-pandang mata, etc not necessarily sex la kan …… hadoi … wishful thinking lagi) Right now ni konon, bukan nya takde, ada, tapi macam takde. Entah la tak faham. Nak call pun tak kena. Nak sms pun tak kena. Bukannya tak kena apa, tak kena layan la. Nak ajak jumpa jauh sekali. Kadang-kadang makes me feel macam saya seorang yg terhegeh2. Kadang2 rasa fed-up gak, tapi …. I am the kind yang if I like something or someone, yang tu la jugak yang dipuja. Hadoi …. Biarlah kepala aku nak bercakap apa pun, gotta ensure they dont get in the way of me trying to fulfill my heart’s desires.


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