A moment of silence …..

My friend Kak NorDilah from Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Putrajaya, had conveyed sad news on the demised of her beloved husband. He was diabetics, had a stroke and went into coma at Hospital Putrajaya for 4 days. Tabahkan hati kak Nor …… May Allah be with his soul ……… Al Fatihah ….. Amin!


2 Responses

  1. I am sorry to hear about about your friend’s husband. My wife is a serious case of Diabetic and I understand how difficult it is to manage it. I am worried about her too because this disease not only require proper diet, regular exercise but medication at the same time. Very few people have the discipline to do it.

    Please convery my condolence to your friend.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe one of the way to prevent the diabetic is to educate people around us to take a healthy foods…

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