Sunday – 8 June 2008

Most of the time, I prefer and am most effective working behind the scenes. Tapi ….. even if I was saying something insignificant, others still notice me (kelakar kan??). Problem is, I could bring about the wrong kind of attention if I inadvertently reveal something I’d prefer to keep secret. On the other hand pulak, I don’t think I should be so overly self-protective, coz “hiding” may also draw the spotlight towards me (tu yang menyampah kadang-kadang tu).

In practical, I have lined up a few important appointments as an effort to fulfill mgmt’s expectations but …… it contradicts my superior’s theoretical analysis and ways. Takpe, takpe, takpe. Prompt decisive action – insha’allah I will be able to rationalize my actions …..

Home front – went to the mall with Quddus, Qadir & Qabid. Toiletries replenishment at the Watsons. Purchased books at MPH. Snacks at Burger King. Qayyum called. Requested us to look out for a suitable “cartoon” attire for a costume party he is attending tomorrow nite. Costume ape ek? Hmmmmm …… Batman? Superman? Spiderman? Kat Malaysia mana ada semua tu nak ooiii …………………… finally he decided to pinjam jump-suit an engineer kat Petronas, printed images of “Ghostbusters”, and pasted it on to the jumpers ….. hehehehe boleh tahan jugak creativity Sang Jurutera mama ni ek? Bravo! Bravo!


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