Friday – 6 June 2008

And I whispered to myself “Don’t be afraid to finish up your work roaring like a lion Dib”. Naturally, the idea of boasting about my own accomplishments can run against my grain. But assertive few who are against my logical views are making it difficult for me. Another senior superior said “You are not standing too far away from public recognition Dib. No one will think any less of you if you just stand up and accept the recognition if you should justly deserve it. Work towards it as planned. We believe in you if you believed in yourself”.

At the home front – mum has delegated me to organise a family get-together before bro Acik flies back to Dubai. But Acu & wife still in Bangkok. Oh well, we’ll proceed without them coz by the time Acu comes back, Acik’s gone. Being the eldest, many imbalances need justification as deem appropriate. Common sense plays the vital role. Their sentiments need attention too since its fragile and vulnerable. Weekends are my best coz all my kids will be with me. Recalling another fellow blogger’s article, on how they spend their Beautiful Sunday with their kids. Well, to all working parents, when family is concerned, we have to wisely toggle between quantity & quality time dont we?. Chow Chin Chiao!

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