Wednesday – 4 June 2008

After long hours of meeting yesterday, I now have a wider perspective of ongoings at work.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to be as forceful as I need to be in order to get my best ideas heard by others. Today, however, my path seems clearer, even if I didn’t take a direct approach. Gonna allow myself be guided by my intuition, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. Instead of following a well thought out plan, I think I have the option to do great now by simply making it up as I go along. Allah please be with me as I need you more than ever now coz I may get physically and emotionally sensitive one of these days; prompting me to be a bit more tentative in my approach ……..

2 Responses

  1. You most definitely should follow that intuition – you can only regret those things you knew you should or shouldn’t have done, but didn’t follow through.


  2. Thanks a lot BkLadired ….. psychologically, small gestures in the form of moral support like you just showed, usually carry a great impact on a person’s daily tiring & challenging routines. Hugz back sis!

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