Monday – 2 June 2008

At work – Me, my big idea and my big mouth. It may have seemed like a really good one. NOW I have to deliver what I had suggested (padan muka aku!!). Hmmm not that I’m not capable; it’s just that I could be afraid to take a chance. Should I hold back? Should I not? Then again ….. it makes sense to shoot for my destiny and then later on, relax….. kan? Kadang-kadang, rasa macam kena grounded, but at the same time, I should be encouraged to grab all opportunities that knocked.

Homefront – received a call from someone earlier today …. astaghfirullah!! Why …..why ….. why ….. mankind have ill-feelings, hatred, revenge, betrayal, fitnah, mengumpat, mengadu-domba, even when they have reached the age of 70s???? Tak faham ….. tak faham ….. why cant they leave me and my kids alone??


redha dgn dugaan Allah


4 Responses

  1. aunty,
    what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
    biarkan mereka dgn kata2 mereka
    biar mereka eksen.. hmph

  2. Thanks Min ….. beautiful words of encouragement. Wished could hug u in person ….. sigh ….. wishful thinking ….. always ….. bila balik M’sia sayang?

  3. baliknya in July 2008.. Insya-Allah.. jika rezekinya ada dan sudah menjadi tabib kecil.. ha ha

  4. July??? Yikes!!!! Next month tu!! Cant wait to invite you for dinner 🙂
    Just me …. and Tabib Minci maauuaahhhh

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