Tag ….. You’re It

Damn …. its my wrong Bkladyired …. for not responding to your tag immediately 😦 its been more than a fortnight now!! My sincere apologies (with an apologotic face) ….. Better late than never …. says one of my fellow bloggers.

Well here goes. Since I got tagged by Bkladyired, its my duty to mention the 10 random things that make me happy (like she did) :-

…… but wait a minute ….. I browsed yours and OMG its almost similar to what I have in mine!!! LOL

1. Spend time with my kids whenever they visit me over the weekends (dine, movies, karaoke, etc)
2. Tending to unfinished assignments (supposed to graduate my degree by end of 2008!!!)
3. Strolling, a walk (to sweat it out), window shopping, alone usually (tho preference would be with my significant half……looking up at the ceiling and wondering …. When lah?!)
4. Pruning overgrown shrubs in frontyard, sniffing the beautiful blooms. Rearrange dried flowers into new bouquets.
5. Receiving calls and SMSes from significant other (…sigh… wishful thinking again…sigh…)
6. VCDs …… hhmmm honestly each time I try to watch till the end, I end the movie midway by zzzzzz.
7. Hot cup of PEARL cafe and choc chips YUMMY
8. Listening to my favourite 105.7 (Lite & Easy) eyes closed. Humming. Half awake. Half dreaming.
9. Chatting with mum!! She’s so wonderful!!
10. Sleeping late if I’m into it …… update articles in blog. Check emails. Read good educational, inspirational & entertaining stuff online. Deleting 90% of INBOX contents from unknown senders. Not bothered to view them anyway saves my precious time LOL.

a toast to all fellow bloggers


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