Friday – 30 May 2008

I somehow see green lights ahead (but to play safe, think I’ll pretend its a cautionary yellow ones instead). Wanna know why? Cooozzzz……. if I moved ahead too fast, I could end up at the wrong destination kan, kan, kan, kan?! Hhmmmm even if I wanted to go ahead with a project at work, on the contrary, if I take my time, I’m sure it will still pay off in ways I may not imagined it would (my gutfeel said so la). Impulsive creative thinking however, encouraged me to act before I can logically consider the consequences of my actions sometimes. I know, I know. It just seemed easy to get overindulged. Kept reminding myself “Dont avoid responsibilities”. Oh well ….. a series of complexness added an ‘otherwordly’ dimenssion today. Seemingly unimportant events had much greater significance than I earlier realized. Be cautious Dib!

standby mode


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