Sunday – 25 May 2008

Got exhausted for having so much responsibility now, especially I have been working pretty hard these past few days. I will wait untill tomorrow to see the breakthrough, if fortunate enough, will give me a breath of “fresh air”. Although I may not get what I wanted right away, at least I am more willing to change. I visualized myself as entering a phase of heightening popularity at work and community. Funny though, but I was more concerned with how I am being perceived by them rather than my own friends and family lately. Hmmm could it be that my career and status attracted them? Or simply because I am ready to be recognized and appreciated? Whatever it is, I do feel fortunate with the rewards I will earn through my hard work. Insha’allah.

Kids are away at their father’s residence for the school holidays. Feeling dizzy still and with a nose still running. Closed my eyes. Soft music in the background. Visions of the past, present and future encircled my mind in the stillness of the lonely night. Salam and a peaceful nite to all…..

patience is always the virtue


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