Sunday – 18 May 2008

Felt anxious about my feelings today. Should I express them? Or just keep to myself? If I express them, it may go against my natural inclination. So what? I’ll take a chance. Wait a minute. Beware Dib! Think wisely. If I start to share, it may be difficult to stop. Ok, ok, I’ll think about it. Anyway, these last few days were especially nice. Regardless of troubles that stood in the way everything else seemed smooth. The presence of all my kids over the weekend, and my sweet friends, formed some kind of a “magical trine” conveying news of opportunities about friendship & family love, money and success. Still hoping for the stupid cupid to aim her arrow straight to my heart hehehe. Would be nice to have an element of surprise once in a while, other than my normal-day-to-day routine.

– stupid cupid = silly me –


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