My Mother’s Advice

Mothers are renowned for giving advice (I know that now for sure!!) – because they care so much about our welfare. Here are some of the most memorable advices and pearls of wisdom which my mother gave me when I was younger (now its a hands-down to my own kids hehehe whether they will follow it or not).

1) Keep some small change, it will come in handy when you least expect! Mother always advice me to keep small change for an emergency call. However, these days, everybody owns a mobile including our kids. But just in case the battery’s flat, keep the small change in your purse anyway!

2) “No! That wooden board would not make a good slide!” I did anyway and got a buttful of splinters hehehe (padan muka) Their laughters hurt more the splinters 😦

3) Let Go, and Let Allah ……… I was very close to my late grandmother, and ever since she died, I felt ‘lost’ for a couple of months before I could accept the fact that she’s gone and that life moves on. My mother would dictate repeatedly “Let Go … and Let Allah … He knows best what you dont”. She would also advice me never to have revenge as she claimed “Dont worry about what others did to you, what goes around, comes around coz every dog has its day” (in Malay – Hari ni hari kamu, esok lusa hari dia pula). And finally humbly she advises “Treat others as how you wish to be treated”…….. the same words I narrate to my own children whenever we have issues to debate or discuss 🙂 .

4) “Watch your words and mind them!” …………. “If you dont have somethng nice to say, dont say anything at all especially if you are tired, or hungry or if someone has made you upset”. I try to follow it but sometimes circumstances provoked my patience far too much 😦 especially when they take advantage of me. I always remind my own kids this too, and I hope they will follow suit.

5) Learn from mistakes – my mother tells me that we all make mistakes in life but thats how we learn. Do what our heart wants, and dont simply follow others. Bottom line is, when all is said and done, we will find that we are the happiest and most content.

6) Learn to cook – whether it was me or my sisters or even my brothers, my mother made sure we all knew how to cook even the simplest dishes! Thank God we listened to her, usually we dont hehehe …. or else we would have starved when away from home and living on our own (during college days lah ni).

7) Live each day as it comes – she says “Live each day as if it will be your last, becuse one of these days, you are gonna be right”.

8) Marry for love – whenever she found out we were dating our loved one, she will advice “Marry for love, not for money or simply to avoid loneliness. Never go to bed feeling angry. Resolve issues. Have the number of kids you can care for in case you will be on your own. Plant a garden. An orchard. Pick flowers. Listen to the birds”.

9) Treat everyone equal – “No matter what colour, race, religion, handicapped or disabled, we are all EQUAL”, she says.

10) Last but not least, mother continously reminds us – “Get as much education as you can especially while you are young. Later, when you have children, talk to them at their level, not down to them. Respect an unconditional love. And yes ……….. always remember ALLAH!”

Shukran mak ….. you’re the BEST!

am not perfect but always make it a point to learn from my mistakes


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