M.I.H.A.S. 2008

Just came back from MIHAS 2008 with Encik Amiruddin and Raha, both from MAFC Sales & Marketing. MIHAS took off last Wednesday 8 May 2008, officiated by our PM. So far todate, actual sales have reached RM159million, whilst potential ones are expected to reach at RM1.2billion!

A tremendous success compared to last year’s which was only slightly more than RM200million in total.

This 5-day event involves 494 local exhibitors and 128 foreign participants from 25 countries. 5 new countries making their debut this year are Canada, Croatia, Germany, Palestine and Serbia.

(hello gang rugi tak pergi hehehe dapat makan free food testing at most of the stalls, air pun free, kenyang tak yah gi lunch pun ….. bbuurrrppp hehehe ooppsss excuse me, nasib baik tak kentut muuaahhaahaa)

More news on MIHAS …..

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