As gloomy as the day may seems, sometimes I find it hard to remove certain unwanted memory cells from my ingenious brain (wished Dr Minci can help cut open and remove them for me). Its already 2008, I will be 46, and still struggling my pathway to success, personal life and career I suppose, and not forgetting kejayaan akhirat juga 🙂

Success? Define success.

Achieving something better than what you have today. In other words, to keep on going making sure you’re on the right track and direction. Your circle of friends for example. Keep the good ones, and help the bad ones change. If they refuse arrogantly, dump them (hehehe padan muka sombong sangat). Then your family members. Parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, of course not forgetting my own children. The trials, tests and obstacles I have been hurdled with, I can only escalate my shukran to Allah swt for his endless miraculous blessings ensuring my kids and I survived the odds. Such love can only be found when there is absolute purity in our hearts (alamak tisu mana, my tears nak meleleh dah ni)

I have often observed how my kids get engrossed with internet games, trying to multiply their scores with full enthusiasm every time and improving their skills to the expected perfection level. One day, after our usual solat berjemaah, recited the surah Yassin together, I would muzakarah with them and explained how they should relate the formula of achieving better scores in their internet games …… and apply it to their studies too 🙂 also the same formula to be applied to improve our inner self and personality. Since they dont have a ‘dad’ (not living in the same house physically just too busy elsewhere) to perform the muzakarah, I took the responsibility … its the best times to get inside your kids’ mind and soul. To understand their joys and constraints, likewise, they understood mine 🙂

Sneaking on my mum each time she recites the holy Quran as late as 2, sometimes 3 in the mornings, touched my heart because she does it without being asked (most people does it bila need help from Allah je). She does it for her love for Allah swt, her husband (kembang my dad), me and my siblings (we all love u mak!) and all her grandchildren. I would find her sometimes falling asleep in her telekung on her praying mat. Will surely be a great loss if anyone of us hurt her feelings ever. She has always been there through thick and thin, guiding and advising us like she was a good friend rather, not just a mum to all of us. Be with Allah. Be knowledgeable. Be in the right direction. All will be fine, insha’allah.

What about love that hurts?

I only have this to narrate ………. (click here for English version – synonymously)

Kenangan yang pahit lebih bermakna dari mimpi yang indah. Kerana kenangan yang pahit itu mengajar erti KEKUATAN. Kenangan yang pahit itu mengajar erti KESABARAN. Kenangan yang pahit itu mengajar kita mengenal KEJUJURAN (friends & loved one).

Kenangan itu kadangkala teramat pahit untuk diredah, tetapi tetap ada manisnya untuk dikenang. Hidup memang tak selalunya indah, tetapi yang indah tetap hidup dalam kenangan. Andainya hadirnya CINTA sekadar untuk mengecewakan, lebih baik cinta itu tidak pernah hadir. Bagi ku, kecewa bercinta bukan bermakna dunia sudah berakhir, tetapi sesiapa yang telah mengecewakan ku, mereka lupa bahawa “every dog has its day”.

Hidup ini indah jika kita tahu menghargainya. Tidak perlu bermurung pada mereka yang telah mengecewakan kita kerana jika mereka gagal jujur dengan diri mereka sendiri, bagaimana mampu mereka mewujudkan kejujuran itu di dalam perhubungannya dengan insan yang lain. Yang ada hanya lah kepura-puraan ….. wallahualam.

Aku ingin membawa semula kegembiraan dan keazaman untuk berjaya, kedalam hidup ku serta anak-anak yang merupakan zuriat serta amanah Allah swt kepadaKu. Kejayaan DUNIA (sementara) dan juga kejayaan AKHIRAT (eternal).


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