Love That Hurts …cont’d from previous article

Love is great when it is fresh and happening. When one is in love, one usually begin with deceiving oneself, and end by deceiving others. Love is blind and has been proven more than once. Love often makes people do and say ‘stupid’ things that surprises themselves too. The heart wants to love, even when the brain disallows. Therefore, rational decision making rarely takes place when people are in love.

End of love means end of the world to some, but thank God not to me. George Granville wrote “All of pains, the greatest pain, is to love, and to love in vain.” Whenever feelings of love are not reciprocated or not valued equally by our partner, definitely the feeling of loving in vain would come. Here we are loving him with all of our heart and mind, body and soul, but there he is still flirting endlessly, with no guilt feelings nor sense of commitment, as if the world is an eternal place.

It does not take a long time to end a relationship, but it will take me a lifetime to forget someone I have loved so dearly. When he told me he loved me, I feared for awhile, because letting him into my heart would mean exposing myself to yet another vulnerable situation. Nevertheless, I let him in, and this is the price I had to pay. Getting hurt.

Whatever it was, there is always something I learned from those bitter experiences. I’ve learned to become stronger, wiser, cautiously selective as well as able to identify the level of sincerity of a person. I like to analyse situations, people and circumstantial issues. Perhaps the more reason for non-genuine, unfaithful, not-sincere beings stay away from me (hehehe). I guess thats my plus point. Be it in my career as well as my personal life.

So, lets tell ourselves, failed relationships are like precious gifts. It gives us a power of contrast to muster the strength and courage to move on with life. It gives us the power of vision to finally realize what we want. I guess the purpose of a relationship is to help us grow – personally and spiritually. I’ve acquired the knowledge and experience that even the most ugly and depressing relationship had taught me how to strengthen my intuitions, and to accept truths 🙂 Allah Bless Us All …


2 Responses

  1. this entry reminds me of the word limerence….. i came across this limerence thingy last year on the internet after i made a research on what sort of feeling i was having that time.infact till now! it is such an unpleasant feeling la kak dib 😦 it makes me do crazy stuff.. sampai buat research plak tu.can u imagine that??

  2. Shareen, I truly understand how u feel and what u hv gone through … it is crazy, that thing called LOVE … but everyone’s naturally inclined to fall into it one way or the other … apa apa pun, jgn sekali-kali loose faith in Allah … only HE knows all that we dont … hugz from me 🙂

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