SHOES Per Bambini Mio

It’s been ages since the last time I actually went shopping and bought ‘decent shoes’ per bambini mio (my kids in italian). Now that they have all grown into fine young men, I thought I’d spend a little extra e’comprare (and purchase) them a pair each. The best part is, this time around I let them choose the design and brand they like! Mamma Mia …… I could see the glow in their faces!!!

Pierre Cardin – Qayyum’s choice

Since my gorgeous 23 year old Qayyum will be graduating next month, I reckon its the best time for me to present him with a pair of smart ‘working shoes’ when he starts reporting for duty in July 2008. After an hour of surveying his preference, he finally selected a pair of fine Pierre Cardin low cut boots priced RM219.90 (before discount of course hehehe). When Qayyum invited me to join him at De Palma Hotel Ampang for an event “Breakfast With Tun Dr Mahathir” recently ….. wow …. I saw him looking smart in his new booties. Pheewwiitttt!!

Qahar’s POLO

Being a simple, 22 year old non-fussy lad, may it be in his dressings, diet, and all else (sometimes too simple pulak!), Qahar chooses a RM145 Polo to walk around with. I think he selected the brand because of his awareness on the product while he worked as a part-time POLO Men’s Shoes sales promoter in SOGO recently. Otherwise, Qahar usually opt for simplicity. He wore it to class on his first day at Akademi Binaan Malaysia, only to learn later on the same day, that the academy subsidizes and provides all their Electrical students with a special boots. And whooossh ….. his POLO goes back in it’s box!

A pair of CHEYENNE Camel for QUDDUS

My ever ‘hyperactive’ inquisitive 17 year old Quddus who is always up to something didnt take long to spot a pair which definitely matched his hyperactive personality. The cool low-cut boots on display caught his attention and he spontaneously sought my opinion and consent. He participates actively in his school’s co-curriculum activities, his favourite being the School Police Cadet where he has been selected to attend a shooting training (M16) at the Police Training Centre in Kuala Kubu Bharu (am ok with that as long as he doesnt neglect his academics 🙂 )

Qadir liked BALENE

Another son of mine who opt for simplicity more than anything else. 15 year old Qadir leaves it up to me to make the decision. As long as his size 10 is available in stock he is okay! I selected three different designs for him to choose and suggested him to pick his preference. He pointed out to a pair of BALENE. Not bad!

La PELUCCA for cute Qabid

Finally my youngest 14 year old Qabid (he blushes these days if I call him Cute Bebet hehehe). Now this cute lad, takes quite an elegantly long time to decide! He wants to follow after his bigger brothers looking smashing in smart leather shoes and booties, but somehow, he looked a little awkward trying to fit into one. I suggested him a pair of sneakers, coz I felt that for his age, he looks best in one, but he refused. I got exhausted and sat, whilst his brothers ushered him around, most of the time trying to discourage him on the leather shoes and just agree with a pair of NIKE sneakers or something. He played deaf, and went on. He succeeded and picked up a pair of nice PELUCCA and amazingly lucky coz the store has his cute size in stock!

Well sons, I was rather amused and touched in the manner you boys teamed-up, discussed, advised, commented and complimented each other in the store that day. Whether you boys realised it or not, it was only about choosing a pair of shoes …. but the whole exercise answered my curiosity at last. Though we have not been living under the same roof for the past 4 years, the “brotherhood” bond you boys upheld and displayed, was truely a blessing and Shukran Allah, I’m glad I think I did a good job. The above incident maybe a “not so important activity” to some, but to me, its a start to a more challenging team decision making events in the future. Their future, that is ….. wallahualam.

A motherly expression by Dib Mossavi


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