I loved this article emailed by my brother, Firdaus (as usual hehehe) …….

There was a study done where a group of 100 people were divided into two.

50 people were put to watch a very very funy and hilarious movie that they were bursting out laughing and in tears.

While the other 50 watched a truely sad movie and they were also in tears.

At the end of each session, the researches collected both the tears of ‘joy’ and of ‘sadness’ in separate tear-drop containers.

THE RESULTS ………………..

The “Happy Tears” consist of only brine ….. salt water, and not a great deal else.

Whilst the “Tears of Sadness” contain the very same chemicals and enzymes that are found in tumours, ulcers and other such lumps and bumps and sicknesses throughout the body.

Strange but true, this test concluded that when a person is in grief and cries his/her heart out, the motion is literally flushing out all toxic related chemicals that has been accummulating throughout their bitter experience before they ended in tears.

In other words, if we are grieving, and if we hold back those tears, the toxic-chemicals will deposit itself elsewhere within the body. And if prolonged, may result in our body being ‘internally-polluted’ and ‘intoxicated’ ……………. no wonder my eyes sting each time I try to hold back my tears!

Lesson learned : Cry Your Heart Out If Need Be Coz Apparently Its Good For Health (kindda hehehe)

compiled by Dib Mossavi


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