I received an email from my brother who is currently residing in Dubai entitled ‘CORPUS’ which I found very interesting and educational too. Ever since I started this blog, I have managed to catch my kids’ interest to read and browse the internet in a more ‘beneficial’ manner instead of just watching them waste long hasty hours with online games!! Sigh…..

A new attraction in Netherlands known as CORPUS is a combination of amusement park and health education museum with the aim to encourage children and adults alike, to understand our body better. Its uniqueness and spectacular experience centre is focused in providing the general public on the importance of health matters in particular.

CORPUS has been realised in a 35-metre high transparent building with the contours of the human body projecting from it and located along the A44 highway between Amsterdam and the Hague.

CORPUS is a journey through the human body where visitors can see, feel and hear how the human body works and roles that the food, healthy life and exercises play.

We’ll be able to find out answers to questions like :-
* What happens when we sneeze?
* Why do I need to sleep?
* How does my hair grow?
* Which part of the tongue tastes sugar/salt?
* How do intestines respond to the food we eat?

Climb inside a gigantic nose to see what happens when we sneeze. Walk across a bouncy rubber tongue complete with taste buds and realistic burping noises in the background. Strap on 3D glasses and watch holograms of cartoon sperms sprinting to fertilize an egg and how it develops into a foetus.

I want my kids to participate with my blogging experience and enjoy reading, hence I will try to ensure that I select relevant articles in order to catch their attention. It sure is a fun way for me to interact with my own kids!!!

Compiled by Dib Mossavi


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