Costlier Goods Are Unavoidable?

Malaysian government should come up with a long term mechanism to help the needy in light of the rising prices of goods. Price increase of goods, from food to fuel, are unavoidable and becoming a global phenomenon lately, whilst the government cannot afford to provide subsidies across the board for some of these goods anymore.

Recently, the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association was responding to the rise in noodle prices between 20 and 70 sen a kg, as announced by the Malaysian Bakery, Biscuit Confectioners and Mee Merchants Association.

Some hawkers in the Klang Valley especially those located in more popular areas, have begun charging their customers higher prices following the announcement, whilst some are still unaware of it. The wise hawkers agreed they may not decide to increase their prices in order to keep the regular customers happy.

Hopefully, the government listens to the non-governmental consumers associations and organisations so together they can draw up a mechanism to overcome the issue of rising costs. If the government wants to save money, they can still do that and yet help the deserved get subsidies appropriately, which perhaps should not cover those in the high-income group.

For example, why does someone who can afford a few cars, including a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz need subsidy for petrol?

In India, the government implement the ratio-cut system, where the needy can get necessities at a subsidised cost at shops and retail outlets.

Surely those who really come from low-income households would not mind queuing up for cheaper basic supplies like flour and rice. However, consumers are always advised to keep a check on rising prices and report abuse immediately.

Finally, I believe, we as consumers are also reminded to be more prudent, and as for medium sized families (of 5 members and above), it is of course much cheaper to cook and eat at home rather then dine out daily for every meal.

– Dib Mossavi for Liew-Ann


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