PILLOWS – The Inside Story

Even a good mattress to be able to perform at its best, has to be combined with the suitable pillow – as advertised by Media Strom, a leading producer of mattresses in Greece since 1967.

Regardless of the pillow we have chosen to sleep on, there is one factor which never crosses our minds to consider – the hygiene of our pillows!! After all, the head is part of our body that sweats the most. Either our pillow should be washable, or covered with sleep fresh pillow case that will prevent sweat to permeate the pillow. In that case, what about our colleagues who suffers the sentimental ‘bantal busyuk’ syndrome? Hmmmm ….. I dont think there is any definite recommendations as to finding the right pillow is concerned.

Why is a pillow such a big deal? Typically, people like to use two or three pillows under their head, and they end up getting forward head posture because the head is pushed unnaturally forward, out of alignment with the spine, says Micheal Uttecht, a physical therapist of Georgetown University Hospital.

But avoiding pillows altogether is just as bad. We need something to prop up the neck and head so the spine stays aligned. As we age, we generally tend to develop forward posture – like shoulder slumping. Its even more severe in our computer-centered society, as we hunch forward over our keyboards all day long.

So how actually do we find the right pillow? I strongly feel – ITS OUR OWN PERSONAL CHOICE. The health professionals are only able to offer us tips. Just get on bed and try to see if we can get an undisturbed sleep. If pain develops, go to the doctor and check if everything is alright.

Side sleepers – the nose to naval rule help aligns the back and the head.

Belly sleepers – tends to like soft pillows, but then sleeping on the stomach is bad, especially for neck and body allignment (alamak! thats habitually me!)

Back sleepers – should be aware of the dangers of the head being propped out of alignment.

In conclusion, a person’s weight and size (does matter hehehe) makes a great deal of difference. One size does not fit all. No pillow fits every person’s body. Ultimately we have to understand our alignment for it to adjust appropriately.

However, since we spend up to 2/3 of our lives on pillows (with repositories of body moisture, dead skin, traumatic aroma in some ‘bantal busyuk’ syndrome cases and drools hehehe), so I guess it makes sense for us to get the right one.


2 Responses

  1. Great images. These images show the importance of the pillows. Definitely right pillow using will not lead to any disturbance and also health problems. Yes…Even a good mattress to be able to perform at its best, has to be combined with the suitable pillow.

  2. True but our childhood habitual ways makes it difficult for us to re-adjust to healthier living sometimes …. a toast to ‘finding the right pillows’ !!

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