ORAL ME (??)

The STAR, Apr 8 2008 – Oral me?? A Malaysian-made toothpaste is raising eyebrows due to its suggestive brand name.
Melissa Leong, 28, from Sabah, said the brand name carried a sexual connotation.
“Its crude. It sounds like a statement more than anything else. Manufacturers should think twice before naming their products.”
Kuala Lumpur-based advertising executive Martin Voon asked if the manufacturers understood the product name while coining it.
“I’m shocked. These kind of words are normally found on a spoof, but this is an actual product. I’m glad I dont have any children as it would be difficult to explain that it is a joke,” he said.

Kieran Sharkey, an English teacher at a college in Sabah, said the name did not carry a positive connotation.
“With all the information available to the younger generation, I feel that they can interpret it wrongly.”
Consumers Association of Penang research officer Hatijah Hashim wondered how the brand name could have been approved since it carried a pornographic connotation.
“It should not be allowed in the market. I wonder what the people in charge had in mind when they came up with the name.”
Pro Dental B Corporation Sdn Bhd executive director Sunny Saw saw nothing wrong with the name as it was connected to oral care.
“The name is just to show that it is an oral product.”


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