There are compelling circumstances when people are forced into unwanted professions and the sheer drudgery of the work leads to stress.
An instance : A 24-year-old hailed from a middle-class family and was the only son of 4. Thus the expectations of his doting parents were high.
He had taken his entrance exams for management courses, but failed to qualify. He had been an average student academically throughout school and graduation. The inability to make it to an MBA and the fact that he had to settle for a different job from the one he aspired to, depressed him.
His performance at work suffered immensely and he was on the verge of committing suicide. A close friend realised his predicament and encouraged him to take up a course in meditation. He began to realise the value of life and set upon improving the quality of his life. His attitude towards his job changed and soon he was suggesting ways of increasing productivity.
His boss recognised his potentials and promoted him. Today, the successful young man is a role model for all.
Problems and difficulties are signals for us to change our attitude and behaviour. We must accept failure as part of life but challenge it and make the most of it.
I am determined to weed out draining personalities, and confusing activities from my life. Instead, I want to fill my mind with positive and focused thoughts.
Thanks to Bridget Menezes, the author of Self Empowerment. You can also listen to her segment over Lite & Easy FM 105.7 (have always been my favourite station) Mon-Thurs at 7.45 pm.

“Dont be afraid of obstacles, get back on your feet and make an effort”


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