Home Based Enterpreneurs

Today’s Internet Income seminar at Subang Villa Hotel has finally drilled some important facts which I have been trying to figure out all this while. I am not so IT literate technically, but according to the speaker, technical knowledge contributes only about 10% of the whole requirement of moulding oneself into becoming an internet enterpreneur.

Its all about inter-NETworking the right product (not necessary our own) to the targeted prospects (mostly strangers!). Sounds tough and difficult, but those speakers out there sells systems where all the tasks have been simplified for immediate results. Of course, nothing is free.

Because I dont have any product of my own, and I lack the required fund to invest as described above, guess I will have to take the longer route to begin with. But I have time ….. and with the moral support of my kids and loved one, I am determined to make things happen this time around.

Home-Office …… here I come!


3 Responses

  1. Have you guys seen this offer? I’ve been all over the net and have seen so many “make money on the internet” offers that just don’t work.

    However, I decided to give this one a shot because it didn’t cost me anything to sign up.

    So far I’ve made some pretty decent money on it.

    Just a heads up. Here it is:


  2. Thanks for sharing input Ron.

  3. I hv checked the site, apparently, its only for residents of the US, Canada and Australia, correct me if I’m wrong pls. Thx.

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